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Suzuki Burgman 400 K7 Service Manual

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Suzuki Burgman 400 Specs

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• AN400 9 9 5 0 0 - 3 4 1 0 0 - 0 1 E. • FOREWORD This manual contains an introductory description on the SUZUKI AN400 and procedures for its inspection/service and overhaul of its main components.

Other information considered as generally known is not included. Read the GENERAL INFORMATION section to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle and its maintenance. Use this section as well as other sections to use as a guide for proper inspection and service. • TABLE OF CONTENTS Precautions..

00-i Precautions..00-1 General Information.. 0-i General Information.0A-1 Maintenance and Lubrication. 0B-1 Service Data..0C-1 Engine.. 1-i Precautions..

1-1 Engine General Information and Diagnosis. 1A-1 Emission Control Devices. Caterpillar Generator C15 Operation And Maintenance Manual here. 1B-1 Engine Electrical Devices.1C-1 Engine Mechanical..1D-1 Engine Lubrication System.

• Table of Contents 00- i Section 00 Precautions CONTENTS Precautions.00-1 General Precautions.. 00-1 Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service. 00-2 Precautions..00-1 Warning / Caution / Note.00-1. • 00-1 Precautions: Precautions Precautions Warning / Caution / Note General Precautions B71 B72 Please read this manual and follow its instructions WARNING carefully.

To emphasize special information, the symbol and the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE have • Proper service and repair procedures are special meanings. • • To protect Earth’s natural resources, CAUTION properly dispose of used motorcycle and • If parts replacement is necessary, replace parts. The parts with Suzuki Genuine Parts or their equivalent. Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service • When removing parts that are to be reused, B73. • 00-3 Precautions: Fuse • Inspect each lead wire circuit for poor connection by shaking it by hand lightly. If any abnormal condition is • When a fuse blows, always investigate the cause to found, repair or replace. Correct it and then replace the fuse.

• Precautions: 00-4 • When disconnecting and connecting the ECM • Before measuring voltage at each terminal, check to couplers, make sure to turn OFF the ignition switch make sure that battery voltage is 11 V or higher. (1), or electronic parts may get damaged. Terminal voltage check with a low battery voltage will lead to erroneous diagnosis.

• 00-5 Precautions: When checking system circuits including an electronic 4) Using continuity inspect or voltage check procedures control unit such as ECM, etc., it is important to perform as described below, inspect the wire harness careful check, starting with items which are easier to terminals for open circuit and poor connection. • Precautions: 00-6 Voltage check Short circuit check (Wire harness to ground) If voltage is supplied to the circuit being checked, voltage 1) Disconnect the (–) cable from the battery. Check can be used as circuit check. 2) Disconnect the connectors/couplers at both ends of 1) With all connectors/couplers connected and voltage the circuit to be checked.

•: 8 (Multi-circuit tester set) I7-02 “D”: To other parts Using the Multi-Circuit Tester • Use the Suzuki multi-circuit tester set. • Use well-charged batteries in the tester. • Be sure to set the tester to the correct testing range. Special tool (A): 8 (Multi-circuit tester set) • Table of Contents 0- i Section 0 General Information CONTENTS General Information. 0A-1 Final Reduction Gear Oil Replacement.0B-10 Cooling Fan Filter Removal and Installation.0B-10 General Description.0A-1 Cooling Fan Filter Inspection and Cleaning.0B-10 Symbols.. 0A-1 Drive V-belt Removal and Installation.0B-11 Abbreviations..

Use engine oil unless otherwise specified. Apply molybdenum oil solution (Mixture of engine oil and SUZUKl MOLY PASTE in a ratio of 1:1). Apply SUZUKI SUPER GREASE “A” or equivalent. 0 Apply SUZUKI MOLY PASTE or equivalent.

0 Apply SUZUKI SILICONE GREASE or equivalent. • General Information: 0A-2 Abbreviations B72 GEN: Generator GND: Ground ABDC: After Bottom Dead Center GP Switch: Gear Position Switch AC: Alternating Current ACL: Air Cleaner, Air Cleaner Box HC: Hydrocarbons API: American Petroleum Institute HO2S: Heated Oxygen Sensor ATDC: After Top Dead Center ATM Pressure: Atmospheric Pressure IAP Sensor: Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) A/F: Air Fuel Mixture. • 0A-3 General Information: Vehicle Side View Vehicle Identification Number B73 B74 NOTE The frame serial number or V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) (1) is stamped on the right side of the frame Difference between photographs and actual tube. The engine serial number (2) is located on the left motorcycles depends on the markets. • Use distilled water only. Water other than distilled water JASO.

Can corrode and clog the aluminum radiator. Suzuki recommends the use of SAE 10W-40 engine oil. If SAE 10W-40 engine oil is not available, select an Anti-freeze/Engine coolant alternative according to the chart. • 0A-5 General Information: Country and Area Codes B79 The following codes stand for the applicable country(-ies) and area(-s).