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Powermig 130 Manual

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I have the astropower 130 mig welder and for much of it's. Log in or Sign up. Unfortunately I do not have a manual or a diagram for this machine. Manual for astro power mig welder. Need a manual for astro power 130 mig welder. I have the power mig 130 I just ordered a replacement whip and gun. HTP MIG 130 Owner’s Manual. HTP America, Inc. Warrants each new HTP Mig 130 to be free from defects in material and work. Or welder power cord through. 2 Northern Industrial Welder Operating Instructions and Parts Manual MIG 130 Know your Welder ON/OFF Switch In the “OFF” position no power is being supplied to the MIG gun. Find best value and selection for your Powermig-130-Astro-Power-Welder- search on eBay. World's leading marketplace.

Clarke Mig Welders - Download, View or Print Clarke Product Manuals and Guides View, download and print manuals for Clarke MIG Welders, Clarke instruction books and Clarke user guides for the wide range of Clarke MIG Welders now available. Download in PDF format here from the Clarke International Spares and Service Centre website.

Astro Power Mig 130 Manual Pdf

Century didnt exactly tank- they were bought by Lincoln. Now they are Lincoln's low price line. Lincoln Miller and ESAB are pretty much the last men standing when it comes to welders in the USA. Both Lincoln and Miller have been known to outsource stuff when it is not their core product- I know both of them have bought, and rebadged plasma cutters, and some other models as well. Turbomass Gold Service Manual. ESAB is the US division of a Swedish company, and some of their product is imported as well. The smaller mig welders are often Italian, and they vary in quality.

Astro Power Mig 130 Welder Manual

The real cheap ones usually have a very limited duty cycle. One thing that helps is to cut a hole in the box and bolt on a breadbox fan- they get hot in there.

Powermig 130 Manual

The Italians are capable of making some very good machines, but I would worry about spending much on an Italian welder- just because support, parts, and repairs are so iffy. Lincoln and Miller for anything over about $500 is my rule. I have an Italian made Astro Power Powermig 130. I bought it new, and I have used it for the past 10 years. It works well, and I have no complaints.

Although, early on I had to play with the feed mechanism a bit. When I bought it years back, it was what I could afford. Lately, I've been telling myself when it needs work, I'll replace it with a Lincoln, or Miller. But an equipment technician I know told me recently that the Astro Power units don't break as often as some of the more popular units. So I guess I'll play wait and see.

HTP welders are pretty decent, and a good value for the money. The problem is, HTP is not an Italian company- its an american guy, with a warehouse. So he buys from different sources, and tells em to put an HTP sticker on em. If he decides to retire, or gets in a fatal car crash, you would be pretty much SOL when it comes to parts. The price diffference for a MIller or a Lincoln is not enough to make an HTP worth it for me- but I have a working shop, usually with a couple of guys welding.

Astro Power Mig 130 Parts

If one of my machines breaks, I want common parts in stock at the welding supply 20 minutes away, and obscure ones 1 day air service out. I want the nearby repair shop to have fixed my model so many times they can tell me on the phone what is wrong with it without even seeing it. And I want to be able to pull out the yellow pages in San Jose, or Milwaukee, and find a store that sells parts, or consumables, and has em in stock. So for me, there is no question that a couple hundred bucks more for a Miller or Lincoln is well worth it- but if you are just a hobby type, and you can afford to wait however long it takes, HTP could be just the right machine.

ASTRO- yep that was the name of the frankenstein 110v mig I used to have- except I had to fiddle with the feed all the time, added the fan, cut more holes in the box for perforated metal air vents, changed out the gun for a miller that actually worked (and cost as much as the whole welder) and then learned to stand on one foot, make the right facial expression, and sing italian marching songs when using it. Then it worked, about half the time.

I wasnt sorry to see that thing go.