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Flygt Minicas Ii Manual

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SIMPLE AND ROBUST MONITORING MiniCAS II is a monitoring relay used primarily with small and medium pumps and mixers. It provides protection for the most common threats against a submersible pump: high temperature and leakage. In case of alarm, the pump is stopped or an alert is given by means of lamps and relays. The functionality of MiniCAS II is also incorporated in MultiSmart and SmartRun.

PUMP SENSORS MONITORED BY MiniCAS II The following monitoring is possible with MiniCAS II • Thermal switches to detect overheating in the stator windings • FLS leakage sensor in the stator housing or junction box • FLS10 leakage sensor in the inspection chamber • CLS, water in oil sensor in the oil housing As a standard feature, MiniCAS II combines monitoring of thermal switches with either of the leakage sensors. However, up to two leakage sensors can be monitored.

Flygt Minicas Ii Manual

Honda Mt250 Manual. Xylem Flygt MiniCAS II is a supervision relay for temperature and leakage sensors. Manual reset (see below) Red. 120 VAC and 230 VAC Supervision relay. The Flygt MiniCAS modules are relays especially designed. MiniCAS II produced in Sweden with external manual reset after an overtemperature tripping. MiniCAS II, 24 VAC/DC, 120 VAC and. ITT Flygt MiniCAS II is a supervision relay for tempera. Manual reset (see below). 4 TECHNICAL DATA TECHNICAL DATA Technical data Xylem Flygt MiniCAS II is a supervision relay for temperature and leakage. User s Manual Before using the. The Flygt MiniCAS is a pump sensor monitor that protects small to medium pumps & mixers from common threats like high temperatures & leakage.

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